Kadner Institute Testimonials

Comments from past Kadner participants:

Kadner Participants“The institute really helped with basic presentation and communication skills. Not only did they really assist with speaking to our own colleagues, but gave lots of advice on talking to people outside of our field. It really was fantastic to have non-scientists present to hear our presentations.”

“The behind-the-scene insight from committee members is priceless- I feel the next time I write a grant I will have you as an audience in mind and that will help a lot. I also very much appreciated the setting in a small, informal group that cannot be replaced by any webinar or online course. I really liked that the program was so dense and feel we made the most use of the time we had. The feedback on our presentations was very helpful and it was good that this part was organized in smaller groups - listening to all the participants presentations might have been too much.”

"The career talks and the grant writing presentations were amazingly helpful. The variety of careers presented in one place in a short amount of time really helped me clarify what path I think is best for me. I think that most people have been to career talks here and there, but having them at one event and having all of the speakers together in one place to help compare and contrast the different pathways gave me a whole new perspective. I am also very grateful for the intense amount of information included in the grant preparation talks. I learned about a lot of unwritten rules that could have really hurt me in future applications, and I think that this institute demystified the process and has given me much more confidence."

"The career pathways were extremely valuable. I learned about several careers that I didn't know were options and I learned about which skills will make you competitive for those positions."

Did you know?

In 2014 when the Kadner participants were asked, "Please indicate how you would agree to the statement, "I would recommend ASM Kadner Institute to a colleague," on a scale of 1 to 10" with 10 being "strongly agree," the average rating was a 9.81.