Grant Writing Online Course Highlights


The Grant Writing Online Course is for graduate students, postdoctoral scientists, and early to mid-career scientists who are interested in understanding the broad overview of the NIH and NSF grant process. This three-month, six part webinar series includes pre- and post-webinar assignments, structured mentoring, and a community of practice.

The program goal is to familiarize participants with the process of applying for NIH and NSF grants and provide the skills set needed to successfully obtain grants. 

Participants will leave the program with a broad understanding of:

    • The grant making enterprise and the overall  funding landscape
    • Tips for successfully writing  NIH and NSF grants
    • Developing an Impactful NIH/NSF Biosketch
    • Viewing Grant from the Reviewer's Perspective 

Registration Deadline: December 1
Registration is accepted on a first come, first serve basis


The program is based upon successful ASM professional development models in which participants:

    • Attend interactive webinars presented by experts in the field in order to become familiar with terms, concepts and best practices.
    • Complete pre- and post-webinar assignments, including readings, skill-building activities, and reflections designed to help participants deepen their understanding, practice emerging skills, and keep on task.
    • Participate in an online community of participants, mentors and facilitators to share readings and resources and connect participants with experts.


An eligible participant must be:

    • Be a graduate student, postdoctoral scientist, or early to mid-career scientist
    • Interested in learning about the NIH and NSF grant process

Course Participation

In order to get the most out of the course, participants are strongly encouraged to:

    • Participate in all six webinars
    • Complete all pre- and post-webinar assignments in a timely manner. (This preparatory work is required as it provides a foundation for enhancing one's training and providing the maximum benefits from the webinar series).
    • Participate in an online community of practice
    • Participate in surveys for a maximum of 24 months to ascertain the effectiveness of the training
    • Have a personal computer to connect to the webinars, access assignments, and participate in the program's online community

Candidates who successfully complete all assignments will receive a certificate of completion.

Sponsorship and Credentials

ASM Grant Writing Online Course is sponsored by the ASM Committee on Graduate and Postdoctoral Education of the ASM Education Board and the ASM-NSF Leaders Inspiring Networks and Knowledge (ASM-LINK) Program. 


The cost for the Grant Writing Online Course is $150 for ASM members and $200 for non-members. 

Please note, no refunds will be given. Instead, all participants who pay the registration fee will be given access to the recordings for a limited time.