Professional Skills Training

There is no shortage of information and advice about career preparation for doctoral students and postdoctoral scientists. However, it is not a trivial undertaking for one to find this information and advice. Books, journal articles, on-line resources, colleagues down the hall and perhaps even one’s mother are available to those seeking counsel about professional skills development. In an effort to bring many of these resources (except your Mom) together in one place, the ASM Graduate and Postdoctoral (ASMGAP) Committee provides this site for those interested in accessing this information. This site is intended for students and postdocs wanting to educate themselves, mentors who want advice they can pass on to their trainees, and program administrators who would like to develop courses or forums to discuss these areas of training. We believe students and postdocs should seek out opportunities to learn about these aspects of their future professions and work with those institutions that want to make these opportunities available. This information was assembled based on the experiences that the ASMGAP Committee has gained during development of the summer Kadner Institutes.

For each area of training, this site lists topics and activities that graduate students and postdoctoral trainees should seek to allow them to develop skills necessary for professional advancement and to identify desirable career tracks. The Committee suggests that graduate students and postdocs seek out those programs and/or mentors that provide instruction about these topics via personal instruction, formal courses, workshops or symposia. We hope these resources will enhance the education of a broad spectrum of trainees to advance the discipline of Microbiology.


Scientific Writing and Publishing
Presentation Skills
Laboratory set-up and Management
Teaching Skills
Career Pathways
Job Search Skills
Balancing Professional and Personal Life


"Career Advice for Life Sciences," Vols. I and II by Women in Cell Biology, The American Society for Cell Biology, 2008