Career Pathways


  • Careers in academics (research and teaching intensive institutions), government labs, clinical labs, private companies (large and small), etc.
  • Careers in research, product development, writing, law, management, etc.
  • Workplace issues—(discrimination, interpersonal skills, etc.)


  • Attend career fairs
  • Attend talks by speakers from different types of scientific careers to discuss career options, job expectations and the employment outlook in their line of work
  • Attend talks by speakers from private professional employment services
  • Network with fellow students, postdocs and other professionals.
  • Seek out career services provided by professional societies


Non-traditional careers web seminar sponsored by AAAS:
AAAS Seminar "Nontraditional Careers: Opportunities Away From the Bench"

Pdf file from Science Careers containing essays from participants in non-traditional careers away from the bench.

Science Careers webinar series in which four participants discuss their non-traditional careers away from the bench

Best practices report from the NIH on maintaining women in the science pipeline

Podcasts from renowned scientists discussing their opinions about becoming a scientist

Information for graduate mentors about faculty responsibilities at different kinds of institutions prepared by the Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program

"Career Options for Microbiology Majors," University of Texas Career Services

ASM Career Connections