• Types of grants, funding agencies and how one selects where to submit a grant
  • Grant writing strategies
  • Compliance issues related to human subjects, vertebrate animals, and biohazards in grant proposals
  • Peer review processes, review panels and their relationship to funding decisions
  • Interpreting grant scores, percentile rankings and critiques
  • Ethics of peer review


  • Write grant applications with peer and/or faculty review
  • Examine examples of good/poor grant applications and accompanying critiques

New guidelines for NIH reviewers describing the new scoring system, summary statements and percentile rankings

Summary of changes being made at NIH in effort to enhance the peer review process

Sample R01 applications and summary statements from NIH awardees

Part of a "how-to" series from "Science Careers"
This link includes articles on how to write compelling grants, deal with criticism and win research funding.

Resources and internet links regarding grant writing, pitfalls and submission procedures
NIH and other granting agencies are covered by the many links included at this site.