Job Search Skills


  • The interview process as it applies to different kinds of jobs
  • Sources for finding job announcements
  • Contacting prospective employers
  • CVs, resumes, cover letters and application documents
  • Legal issues surrounding the interview process


  • Prepare a CV/resume under the guidance of an experienced mentor
  • Attend workshops on writing CVs, resumes and cover letters
  • Practice negotiation for jobs including setting realistic expectations, showing confidence, preparation and etiquette


Webinar: Preparing for the Job Search: CV/Resume, Dr. Erica Suchman, Colorado State University (recording August 2013)

Extensive collection of articles providing advice when seeking academic jobs (CVs, teaching statement, applications, interviewing, etc.)

A description of the academic job search process (2001)

Choosing a postdoc

Interviewing for an academic job

General sites for job search and interviewing information