Scientific Writing and Publishing Course Testimonials

Comments from past SWPC participants:
group 2

"It was helpful to learn about responding to reviewer comments, and understanding how the review process works.  It made me think more critically about my manuscript and what comments I might get from reviewers.

Reviewing other people's manuscripts was very helpful.  I made me reflect on my own writing and how I could make things more clear."


"Upon completing this program, I now have the formula for writing a great focused manuscript; yet for a broader audience. I had difficulty writing the first sentence of my manuscript and staying motivated throughout the process. However, I am more at ease now knowing that I can implement the strategies given for each section to keep me motivated throughout."

"Above all, I realize I can dramatically improve my writing by *planning* at the stage of *experimental design*. Learning this is career-changing for me and I am certain I will be a more productive scientist because of this. After this and seeing how microstudies complete one macrostudy, I feel like I have just been told 'trade secrets' on how to write effectively, which I cannot wait to share with others and start doing!"

"I hadn't realized that my manuscript wasn't conveying the information I wanted it to to people outside of my field. I had many problems when describing the broad scope of my work and how it could affect others in different fields. The diversity of the group I was in allowed me to see where I could be more descriptive about my work to make sure everyone could understand my data and conclusions and why they are important."