Teaching Postdoctoral Fellowship Clearing House

Most postdoctoral programs focus on preparing the trainee for a career in research. There is often little emphasis on training the postdoctoral fellow to be an effective educator. However, many of these microbiologists will go on to become faculty members and will hold positions that will involve spending a significant amount of time and effort in undergraduate teaching activities. In an effort to prepare future faculty for a career that includes teaching and mentoring, some institutions have created or participated in teaching postdoctoral fellowship programs. These range from highly structured, formal training programs, to more flexible, individualized mentored teaching experiences. The common feature is that participants have the opportunity to receive instruction in teaching and human learning and to practice and develop their skills before becoming a faculty member at a teaching institution.

The ASM Graduate and Postdoctoral Education Committee has gathered information on some of these programs as a resource for students who are interested in pursuing a teaching postdoctoral fellowship. This is not an exhaustive list, but it should provide a starting point for considering teaching postdoctoral positions.